MyMeter is an innovative metering platform providing you with data visualization and analysis. Data originates from measuring devices which are located in different places (e.g electric energy counters) and from other sources. We deliver our customers with a broad range of services including installation, maintenance and data management; we provide you with data visualization, analysis of energy use and dedicated alarms.


Why is it worth using MyMeter platform ? MyMeter enables you to:


  • measure data with the frequency you wish (at least every 10 seconds),
  • export data and integrate them with any IT system,
  • use devices whether inside or outside the building without disturbing current distribution network operator,
  • easily integrate different data measuring devices – we can also add specific sensors (for motion detection, temperature, humidity etc.)


  • control real-time energy use from your internet browser,
  • easily configurate and aggregate data – user-friendly interface, access to data archive,
  • get and update the key indicators you wish (under three common data formats),
  • set energy use alarms; in case of overstepping figures, alarms will provide you with accurate information through SMS or e-mailing.


  • rely on our devices – high precision of energy counters, sensors and GPRS transmission,
  • rely on data warehousing. Data are safely located into the Cloud – such a network is made safe through SSL and GPRS data are transmitted inside APN private network.
  • take advantage of the dedicated application MyLogic we designed and tested in order to use data from micro to macro scales,
  • stay in touch with us. We support you while using the application, and also when you install devices or deal with electric works.

Visualization and data analysis

We adapt all the views to user’s needs. You can take advantage of the zoom function for the time periods you wish and highlight overstepping levels of energy use.

MyMeter application

SMS and e-mailing alerts

End-users are often interested in using alarms. They may be aimed at improving the relationship between energy receiving manager and her/his energy supplier.

Our MyMeter standard version gives you access to three types of alarms while overstepping:

  • maximum energy use,
  • minimum energy use,
  • power level thresholds as contracted with your energy supplier.

We may also supply you with other kinds of alarms as you see fit.

MyMeter - alerts

Data access and help

MyMeter standard version offers you six levels of measurement frequency.

Our customers checked the efficiency of our solution whith end-users.

MyMeter - data export

We provide full customization of the whole system including all electric works at home and in your office.

Easy integration with external systems

MyMeter equipments easily integrate with industrial network using dedicated API