Products and Services

Energy consulting


Long-term consulting solutions, consulting in order to fullfill the ISO 50 001 norm of Energy Management System
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Energy audits


Audit of installation with pressurized air, termovision, energy audits
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Energy monitoring


Designing SCADA systems in order to monitor energy use, monitoring of power energy thanks to the solution MyMeter
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Application layer enabling data to be measured and then saved on the main server.
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Project support


Efekt Technologies carries out project support for energy producers and distributors. We provide services in the fields of fundraising, IT support and general consulting.
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Audit of technological processes


Audits are dedicated to manufacturing industry and logistics. We provide support to increase and maintain the productivity. We also advice You on best practices in energy efficiency management.
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IT Services

Integrating and processing BigData


Creating dedicated analytical models aimed at processing a great number of data for the needs of management, marketing, logistics and energy market, and for the need of production companies as well.
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Data visualisation and analysis


This solution relies on the presentation of data that have been collected until now. We use analytical models we designed in order to fulfil users’ expectations.
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Customised IT solutions


Designing, creating and implementing IT tools for data integration and processing. We customize microservices and web applications to your individual needs.
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