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Efekt Technologies

Products and Services

Energy consulting


Long-term consulting solutions, consulting in order to fullfill the ISO 50 001 norm of Energy Management System

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Energy audits


Audit of installation with pressurized air, termovision, energy audits

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Energy monitoring solutions


Designing SCADA systems in order to monitor energy use, monitoring of power energy thanks to the solution MyMeter

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IT Services

BigData integration and processing


The processing of Big Data applies whenever you need to get further information and knowledge from a huge amount of data. It requires a specific mindset, though.

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Visualization and data analysis


You draw a particular attention to user interfaces made for data presentation and the quality of data analysis. That’s why we come out with tools we designed for visualization and data analysis.

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Customised IT solutions


We design IT solutions which ideally fits Your needs. Our approach is goal-oriented and based on paying great attention to Your expectations.

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